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HollandJobs looks for, finds and facilitates the best trade specialists from abroad into the Netherlands. If you want to work in Holland we can help you to find your dream job!

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Do I need to speak Dutch? What are the language requirements?

Some professional roles require you to speak Dutch already, but it may also be possible to work and take language lessons simultaneously. We will offer support whatever your circumstances. This includes paying for your language lessons, subject to you completing an agreed course of study.

Do I need a permit to work in the Netherlands?

That depends on your nationality. HollandJobs keeps track of legal requirements for different nationalities and will apply for a work permit on your behalf if necessary. There will be no charge for this.

Which papers/diplomas do I need to have translated?

That will depend on your role. An official translation of your professional qualifications/diploma will usually suffice for the time being. Eventually, after you've started work in the Netherlands, some additional translations may be required. If so, HollandJobs will discuss this with you.

How do I rent a house/apartment, and what will it cost?

HollandJobs can provide you with shared housing or help you find accommodation of your own. This will depend on your income. For shared housing you should allow around €250 per month. If you would like us to help you find accommodation of your own, we will do so according to your wishes and provide full support throughout the process. Prices will vary greatly depending on the area you live in.

Do I need to register in a Dutch municipality? How do I do that?

You do need to be registered in the municipality you choose to live in. HollandJobs will help you with this.

Do I need a medical registration in Holland?

Most medical jobs require you to be on the medical register. HollandJobs will help you with this.

What other registrations do I need to complete? Do I need apostille certification for my birth/marriage certificate?

Apostille certification will be necessary if an official translation is required.

What about taxes in the Netherlands?

Taxes are deducted from your salary, so you will receive net payments. Tax returns on your income tax can be filed annually. Any rebates will depend entirely on the nature of your income and personal circumstances. HollandJobs can help with this too.

Can I use my own car in the Netherlands, with a foreign licence plate?

Yes, certainly to start off with. Once you've been in the Netherlands for a while, you'll need a Dutch driving licence. You’ll then also need a car with Dutch licence plates.

What is a BSN number?

A BSN (“Burger Service Nummer”) is a unique number held by every working individual in the Netherlands. HollandJobs will organise an application for your BSN.

About the Dutch Health Insurance System (costs, rules)

Everyone in the Netherlands is required to have health insurance. If you work for HollandJobs you can use our collective insurance. This will work out cheaper for you. The average cost of health insurance is around €100 per month. You are free to customise your insurance package within our collective scheme. HollandJobs can offer you support with any insurance issues.

How long may I work in the Netherlands?

We assume a maximum of 3 years. We will issue an annual contract three times. The length of time you eventually remain in the Netherlands and work here will depend partly on who you're actually working for. It will always be a joint decision.

Is any guidance available to me once I’ve started work in the Netherlands?

HollandJobs has a support service available through its Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us at any time with any questions, including for social or financial issues.

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