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HollandJobs looks for, finds and facilitates the best trade specialists from abroad into the Netherlands. If you want to work in Holland we can help you to find your dream job!

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HollandJobs Facility Services

"We take care of your concerns for you"

For many companies, finding good employees is a considerable undertaking. Recruitment and selection of foreign trade specialists is particularly difficult. Everything has to be arranged before these new employees are allowed to begin work: finding suitable housing, transportation, insurance, a general practitioner and dentist, making various registrations, arranging training programmes, opening bank accounts, compiling the proper documents for working and residing in the Netherlands, registering with the municipality and applying for a Dutch national insurance number (BSN), notifying various institutions – and the list goes on.

HollandJobs Facility Services provides a large number of services which must be arranged for employees if it is necessary for them to come to the Netherlands. Our goal is to relieve both the employees and the customers of these often burdensome matters.

At the same time, good supervision is a must during their stay in the Netherlands. Important issues include child allowance, family reunification, day care for children and tax declaration. After all, you want your employees to feel as comfortable as possible so that they continue to work for you in the long term.

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To find a new job using the website, you must register and apply for vacancies.